About SBCH
Gia and Tree

When we think of our future
we want to know that we are secure,
comfortable and well taken care of.
We need to know that we can still
have our independence
and pursue our dreams.
At San Bruno Care Home
we aim to give that to you.
How is San Bruno Care Home different?

Unlike larger care providers with multiple facilities we only have one.
We can concetrate our efforts and resources towards our one "home".
That means our guests will always receive our best care.

Come and visit us and see for yourself just what we have to offer.

Gia and Tree
San Bruno Care Home
Residential Care Facility for the Elderly
1382 Williams Avenue, San Bruno CA 94066
Bus: 650-827-1382 | Cell: 650-394-7224 | Fax: 650-827-5377 | Lic#: 415600841